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A "Factory Retouched" chest, often referred to as a "Second or 2nd Class" may have a slight blemish in the finish, a repaired glue joint or contain a piece of hardwood or veneer that has a minor defect - none of which are enough to affect the operation or durability of the chest itself.

2nd Class Chests are limited to available stock.  Once we sell out of a 2nd Class Product, we will remove the listing from the Sale Page.

All "2nd Class" chests are shipped with a 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee from H. Gerstner & Sons factory in Dayton, Ohio. See our "Terms & Conditions" page for return information.

All 2nd Class items have been packaged for shipping and we do not track or note what was retouched on each individual chest.

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0300P - Bookend Hide-A-Way - Pair
Gerstner's Bookend Hide-A-Way is an ideal place to store your handgun in plain sight, without any..
$335.00 $219.00
1403 Aficionado - Travel Bar
Gerstner's Travel Bar - for the Aficionado in All of Us Whether it's a toast to the days harv..
$1,145.00 $739.00
Based on 1 reviews.
1700 Attaché
Choosing an Attache is like purchasing a fine piece of luggage.  First and foremost, it must..
$1,095.00 $699.00
1800's Collectors Chest
Gerstner's 1800's Collectors Chest was inspired by one of our Owners Club Members.  This che..
$699.00 $599.00
1805 Portable Chest
The 1805 Portable Chest is an ideal sized portable chest for carrying your collections of knives ..
$1,245.00 $799.00
1901 Utility Chest
The 1901 is the ideal size for so many hobbies and projects, the question to ask yourself is whic..
$895.00 $537.00
1901G Shooters Chest
We understand the importance of a dependable and reliable firearm.  Concealed carry, competi..
$945.00 $587.00
Based on 2 reviews.
2007 Classic Chest
The 2007 Classic Chest has a long history that dates back to the 1930’s. Originally this 2007 Che..
$1,345.00 $874.00
Based on 3 reviews.
2100 - Display Cabinet
The Gerstner 2100 Wall Display Cabinet will make everything inside look like priceless heirl..
$1,095.00 $657.00
2610 Journeyman Chest
The Style 2610 Journeyman Chest is the most recognizable and sought after design by Ger..
$1,895.00 $1,199.00
Based on 1 reviews.
B2104 Classic Base
An attractive display piece when used by itself, the B2104 Base can keep you organized while prov..
$795.00 $499.00
B2705 Pro-Series Base
Clean out that drawer of miscellaneous tools and parts in your kitchen, organize the clutter that..
$1,445.00 $899.00
Based on 3 reviews.
Hooch Rack - Illuminated Riser
I was getting ready for a Super Bowl party, with several friends who enjoy trying out different b..
J0900 Purse
The unique “retro" design complements every style – from classy casual to uptown chic. Plenty of ..
$495.00 $297.00
J1811 Chest
Available Factory Direct Only Treasure Chest... The name alone evokes images of pirate treasu..
$1,295.00 $839.00
Based on 2 reviews.
Knife Niche
Leave the block behind with this new Knife Niche™ all-in-one cutting board and knife storage syst..
R2507 Roller Cabinet
The NEW Gerstner R2507 Roller Cabinet is a rolling unit that was specifically designed to hold 20..
$4,395.00 $2,637.00
R3005 Pro-Series Mini Roller Cabinet
The R3005 Roller Cabinet will accommodate a B2903, B2705 or any chest or base up to 27 1/2" wide...
$3,995.00 $2,397.00
R3007 Pro-Series Roller Cabinet
PLEASE NOTE:  We have sold out of Golden Oak Roller Cabinets.  If you are interested in..
$4,795.00 $2,877.00
Based on 3 reviews.
T3103 Display Table
The T3103 Display Table will compliment any room decor and become a topic of conversation when yo..
$2,395.00 $1,549.00
Based on 2 reviews.
T3801 Collectors Table
In Production Whether you are looking for hidden storage, or a unique display case, The Gerst..
$1,145.00 $739.00
T5001 Collectors Table
In Production Whether you are looking for hidden storage, or a unique display case, The Gerst..
$1,445.00 $939.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Second Class - 1600 Tote Case
No more running up and down the stairs to grab a screwdriver or pliers to fix a small problem. &n..
$495.00 $299.00
Second Class - B2101 Base
Increased Storage Perfect for Any Space Flexible, Innovative, Secure Back by popular demand..
$645.00 $349.00
Second Class - B2701 Base
Get More Use Out of Your Gerstner Innivative Add-on Keeps you Organized! If you're looking ..
$795.00 $399.00
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