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Gerstner & Sons has teamed up with Cabot Guns to bring you the Ultimate 1911 Pistols.

Cabot GunsCabot Mission

Cabot Precision

Yes. We offer the world’s first aerospace quality 1911 style pistol. Cabot 1911′s are not just another pistol.  Never ever. We’ve been living this creation for years. Cabot 1911’s have set a new standard in precision tolerances and quality not seen before in the gun world.  
And, we dare say, a perfect fit. The total frame and slide are manufactured to fit more accurately than can be done by the human hand. In fact, the tightness of our fit is 0.001 inches. This is our own long-earned and long-invested proprietary technology.

Cabot Precision

With attitude and pedigree. That’s how we approached the manufacture of our 1911 guns along with a refusal to settle for anything less than the best of both. Specifically, we challenged America’s top engineers, machinists and master craftsmen to build the perfect precision handgun from scratch without compromise and what resulted is a superior collection of 1911 pistols made from only the finest of materials, technology and minds that this great country has to offer.



Cabot Precision

Shooting a Cabot Pistol, Brian "Gunny" Zins wins the 2012 NRA National Pistol Championship in the first year a Cabot Gun debuts at the competition. And then again in 2013. It’s simple. Every one of our 1911 pistols exceed national match standards right “out of the box.” Less simple is what that took to achieve: The parts on every frame and slide production run are inspected by a coordinate measuring machine accurate to 40 millionth of an inch to confirm the aerospace tolerance fit of our guns. When the all-time greatest bullseye pistol marksman picks a gun to shoot it's a Cabot.

They say you can’t put a price on beauty. We disagree.  Truth is Cabot’s 1911 precision guns are for the connoisseur who wants only the very
best American guns and they’re priced accordingly.  You do get what you pay for.

Want to customize your gun?  No problem.  A Cabot Representative will be glad to discuss possibilities by calling 1-855-THE-1911.

To Purchase: Download a Cabot PDF Order form to complete Your Purchase Request

Download and Completed an Order Form

Fax: 1.815.301.3462


Mailing Address: Cabot Guns Co., c/o Gerstner, 799 N. Pike Road, Cabot, Pennsylvania, 16023, USA

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