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Gerstner Owners Club
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An Exclusive Club for Owners of Gerstner Products

The Gerstner Owners Club was created for the purpose of recognizing, rewarding and enhancing the enjoyment, prestige and professionalism of ownership of Gerstner Tool Chests and other Gerstner built products.

Benefits of Membership

  • Association with a nationwide network of owners of Gerstner® Tool Chests
  • Early notification of new Gerstner designs and proposed products
  • By invitation only design contests with prizes and awards
  • Preferential quick turn-around on keys and parts orders
  • Members Only discounts on all Gerstner products, parts, accessories and repairs - please note we are unable to divulge Owners Club pricing to non-members.

Terms and Conditioins

Gerstner Owners Club membership is open to all individuals who own a Gerstner Tool Chest and who submit a valid application complete with payment of the initiation fee.

Proof of ownership of a Gerstner Chest can be established through any one of the three following methods:

  1. Providing a photocopy of a bill of sale which clearly states the Purchaser's Name, Chest Style or Model Number, Purchase Price and Date of Transaction.
  2. Providing a photo showing your Gerstner Chest and noting the Tool Chest Production Numbers which are stamped on the inside bottom panel of every Gerstner Tool Chest.
  3. Purchasing a Gerstner Tool Chest concurrent with application for membership.

Any Gerstner chest, regardless of age, can qualify you for Membership into the Owners Club. We realize you may not have sales records of older chests, especially if you have inherited the chest from a family member - the photo option above provides proof of ownership and we can then verify the chest is actually in fact a Gerstner.

Membership discounts are only applicable to current manufacturer's published list pricing and purchases of general line Gerstner products.  Purchases must be made directly through H. Gerstner & Sons Inc.

Exclusive "Club Insignia" products and accessories are only available through Club Headquarters at H. Gerstner & Sons home office in Dayton, Ohio.

Cost to Join

An initiation fee of $30.00 covers new member registration and first year dues. Membership in the Gerstner Owners Club is not transferable and the misuse of member privileges will result in revocation of club membership.

We Look forward to welcoming you as Our Newest Member

With your acceptance into the Gerstner Owners Club you will receive a membership card with Member I.D. and a full line Gerstner catalog with "Owners Club" discount pricing.

The Gerstner Owners Club Application for Membership

Click Here to fill out an Application for Membership

For questions, please call us at 937-228-1662.

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