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    My eyes were starting to glaze over from searching through Scott’s marvelous posts on the styles of Gerstner chests.

    If only there was a quick reference with pictures and styles and measurements all in one place….

    A few minutes (?) with Microsoft Excel got me something I can use to narrow down the Style numbers. Then I can go to Scott’s posts for particulars. Maybe you will find this helpful, too.

    I can only add a snippet of the chart here, as the forum won’t allow me to add anything but picture files, but I’ll email the Excel file to you if you’d like.


    That sound great, Terry – thanks


    i’ll take a copy as well if you don’t mind


    Maybe add a Gerstner “Labels over the years” section? You can use the pictures I sent you.

    Just came across this style (pictured) I hadn’t seen yet. When is it from? My guess based on styling is late 40’s early 50s, but it must not have been used long because the Mid 50’s -80’s style is much more prominent.


    I agree! I like your chart idea. What you have so far is great. As Matthew suggested a section of details that aides dating would be cool too. Labels, clasp styles, hinge styles, lock styles….., things that have changed periodically over the years.


    And you guys haven’t even seen the chart yet!! Send an email to me at and I’ll send you the whole Excel file.

    I don’t know enough yet about labels, lock and hardware styles to line them up with years of manufacture and such. Feel free to add info at will. Maybe Scott could weigh in on it.


    We’re an eager, self motivated bunch 🙂

    Email sent!


    Sent mine too!


    Hey Fellows,
    I have recently developed “THE” GUIDE for PERIOD DATING of HARDWARE for GERSTNER MACHINIST TOOL CHESTS, 1914-1959. Its purpose is to help owners and newbies establish an idea of a period date for when their chest may have been built. It does not claim to be accurate nor does it identify style #’s. They would still have to go through Gerstner for an ‘Official’ date and style.
    The file is an Adobe Acrobat PDF. If any of you would like a copy send me an email. As you would use this guide, I’d appreciate your feedback for any corrections or improvements.
    It sounds like this would fit real well with Terry’s style # efforts. That is a big job.
    I hope Scott is in the loop so he can give us some feedback and guidance.


    Count me in. I just sent you my email address.


    Excellent, email sent!


    I sent emails to both Terry and Toolbox. I’m a new member and trying to date my 2 boxes. Thanks all for your insight and information! Nancy in Austin, TX



    I sent the files.

    Post Pictures!!



    Hi Toolbox,
    I sent you my email via PM.
    Thank you for your hard work,


    Thank you for sending me the chart, here are a few pics of what I have

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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