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    Restoring an old O52. the felt almost fell out of the drawers. years of greasy oily parts and tools must have disintegrated the glue and left thick layer of greasy paste behind. Household grease busters didn’t touch it. I then decided (should have been first step) to use a razorblade scraper to scrape the greasy paste off the sheet steel bottoms. At my wife’s suggestion (always listen to your wife, I have found) I used her Dawn Ultra dish soap in a pan of water. I used a medium steel wool with this and scrubbed the bottoms good.

    This did the trick on most of the drawers, I will do a second round of scrubbing on three of the drawers and I think this will be fine.
    Now I am confidant the new felt will stick in place when I use Whew Glue to install it.

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