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    Hello, I inherited this Gerstner tool box from my grandfather around 1993 and after having in attic for years would like to sell. Based on the codes and pictures I still can’t tell what model it is to see what they are selling for. It is 26” x 9.5” x 16”, 11 drawers and 31.6 lbs. Happy to provide more pictures and info. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    See tool box identifier tab.
    Your Chest looks like Gerstner Style 52
    Chest name:
    Style 52

    A picture of the Style 52
    Common Woods Used:
    No information is currently available on the types of wood commonly used for this product.

    Chest Dimensions:
    26″ wide x 15-3/4″ tall x 9-1/2″ deep

    Chest Description:
    The Gerstner Style 52 is the most widely recognized design of Gerstner chests ever made and the longest continuously produced style chest in the Gerstner line. The Style 52 is still produced today, with one less drawer on the right and the Style number has changed to the 2610. The Style 52 was called the “Journeyman Chest”.

    Chest Additional Info:
    The small drawers on the left are 1-1/4″, 3/4″ and 2″ tall. The small drawers on the right are 1-1/4″, 3/4″, 3/4, and 1″ tall. The center drawer was designed for the Machinery’s Handbook, often referred to as the Machinists Bible. The 3 full-width drawers are 3/4″, 1″ and 2-1/8″ tall. The 11-drawer Style 52 was produced from 1936 to the late 1970’s (when the design changed to 10 drawers). The Style 52 chest is often confused with the Style 42, which has the same drawer layout, but the Style 42 is only 20″ wide. PLEASE NOTE – This chest was also made with a Top Handle (Prior to 1980’s) and it was available covered with Black Leatherette on the shell of the chest.

    About Gerstner:
    H. Gerstner and Sons was started in 1906 by Harry Gerstner, for over 100 years Gerstner has produced quality wooden tool chests.
    To learn more about the history of Gerstner, please click here

    Replacement Parts & Repair Items:
    Note: Mounting holes may not align with those of older hardware.


    Thank you for the help, I really appreciate it. I see a couple O-52’s on eBay and they match.

    Does the number “654321” signify anything or the “O” with handwritten “403”? The latter being just a lot number?

    Thanks again, Dave


    Not sure of the “654321”, but the ‘O’ would be for Oak.
    The 403 is a control number, if you look at the back of the drawers, they will all have a penciled number, probably 403 x, the x being the individual drawer number. this was done after matching the wood for the drawer faces to be a group that looked good together. they could make sure that they stayed together as they were processed. if they are all 403, then they are all original to the chest at time of manufacture. if any are other than 403 they were later replacements.

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