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    To all:

    I am working on re-organizing the posts on the forum and I have added a few New Sections to make things easier to find.

    New Sections are:
    Restoration Projects
    What Style is My Gerstner Chest? (for those that don’t find their chest in the Style Numbers area).

    I am also going to re-do the “Chest and Case Style Numbers” to group the chests by the number of drawers, instead of using the Style Number alone. This will allow anyone to look at all of the chests with 5-Drawers or 11-Drawers to see what style chest they have a little easier than looking through all of the different individual style number posts.

    Are there any Sections (besides a selling section) that you think would help organize the posts to make them easier to find?


    I think that’s a great idea Scott. If there’s any way I could help please let me know…….Ted


    Know the separation, would have made it easier..
    to find info,
    when I decided to recondition,
    the one buried in my closet..

    still wasn’t that difficult,
    and other members gladly offered assistance

    peace and blessing

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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