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    Can you adjust the stop-trac if needed?


    I recently installed this in my O41C.
    The only adjustments I made and can see being able to do are, if the drawer is too tight after installation, remove screws in drawer guides and slightly counterbore them so screw fits further into it to give drawer more space.

    I needed to do this with two of my 7 drawers.
    Also a couple of drawers were to tight to easily open as spring catch had trouble getting back up onto the guide when fully shut and starting to pull open. I used a sharp wood chisel and shaved a little of guide at the back.
    Now all my drawers open nice and smoothly.

    One note, when installing the the spring catch at the back of drawer, the directions show to do this 3/4″ from back of drawer side. Be sure to install so it lines up which center of back of the drawer, or it may end up sticking out into interior of drawer.

    Hope iWork’s well for you if you decide to install.

    I love mine.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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