The Gerstner Brass Backplates are a new item, that hasn't been offered before.  These backplates are solid brass with a bright brass finish to match the Gerstner hardware.

Gerstner Chests featured backplates behind the drawer knobs up through the 1950's on most Gerstner Chests.  The backplates were available as an added accessory through the 1980's and 1990's.  In the 1990's the die was pretty worn and starting to leave burs on the parts.  The press that we used to stamp the parts was taken out of service in the 1990's and the die was put on a shelf and forgotten about.  In the late 1990's we had used up most of our inventory of backplates.

We recently uncovered the backplate die and decided to have it sent out to be cleaned, sharpened and tuned up to make new parts to be used for replacement hardware and for possible use on some new products.

The backplates can be used with older Gerstner chests or they can be added to new Gerstner Chests to create a retro look.

When you receive your backplate, it has a protective plastic coating on the face to keep it from being scratched while being stamped out.  Once you receive your backplate, you will want to remove the plastic coating to uncover the bright brass finish underneath.

The backplate measures 3/4" in diameter.

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Part 1028a - Brass Backplate for Drawer Knob (Pack of 5)

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