• Part 1070 - Gerstner Old Style Oval Drawer Label

Gerstner Old Style Oval Drawer Label.  This Brass drawer label was created from an original decal that was used on Gerstner Chests.  The decal would wear out over time, so we recreated the sticker as a solid brass plate to stand the test of time.  The drawer label was re-released for use on all Gerstner Chests since 2006, our 100th Anniversary, and all chests produced since then.

The Brass Oval Drawer Label is an ideal replacement for older Gerstner Chests that had the Oval Decal Label.  The drawer label comes with 2 brad nails to secure it to the drawer front.

The overall dimensions of the label are 1-13/16" x 13/16".

Please Note:  Since this part has the Gerstner Name on it, you must provide proof of ownership of a Gerstner Chest before we will ship the part.
You can send a digital photo of your chest as proof of ownership to

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Part 1070 - Gerstner Old Style Oval Drawer Label

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