0300P Bookend Hide-A-Way Pair

You can trust Gerstner’s superior craftsmanship for a secret-compartment bookend that looks classy, hides its function, and is creatively designed to optimize efficiency.

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Natural Walnut (Nickel hardware, Green felt)

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This clever piece of craftsmanship is an elegant addition to a sitting room or study. But it’s not just a classy set of bookends, there’s a secret compartment in each bookend for your handgun or valuables. We’ve all seen “secret compartments” in wooden objects before, and it takes truly skilled woodworking to have a secret compartment you won’t immediately clock as one. The craftsmen on the Gerstner team work to make each bookend perfectly matched so you’d never see the hidden drawer for anything other than its decorative two-tone fluted design. It is uniquely designed, too, for quick and easy access. No fiddling around with tricky clasps, you just need to know the trick, and with one hand and one swift move, you’ll have it open. Although, if you’d like some more security, especially if you’ve got a hand gun and curious kids, use the lock on the back to keep it secure. Use the foam insert to keep your gun right in place, or use the bookend for other things you’d like at hand but out of site. It’s a slick way to keep your handgun close, and a totally unique gift for a gun owner.



Additional information

Weight 7.00000000 lbs
Dimensions 15.0 × 10.0 × 10.0 in
Overall Size

3"Wide x 12"Tall x 6-7/8" Deep

Wood Choice

Natural Walnut, Natural Walnut (Nickel hardware, Green felt)

Empty Weight

xx Lbs


Finish Preserver, Owners Club Membership

Number of Drawers

0 Drawers


3 inch



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