Care Kit


You’ll have everything you need to make a well-worn Gerstner shine again with our Care Kit. Clean up the finish, polish the hardware, get those drawers sliding smoothly again, and it’ll look like a brand new chest.

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Gerstner chests are built to last through the decades, but after years of faithful service battling through busy workshops by your side, your Gerstner might need a little TLC. Something this valuable deserves a little extra care and attention to keep it looking smart, which is why we’ve developed the Gerstner Care Kit. It has everything you need to take care of that cosmetic damage, the wear and tear we’ll see on chests that have been well-used for decades.

The Gerstner Care Kit will:

  • Clean the finish
  • Clean the black leatherette
  • Help drawers slide smoother
  • Re-glue loose joints
  • Re-glue loose black leatherette
  • Re-glue loose veneer
  • Tighten stripped drawer knob screw holes
  • Clean-up hardware
  • Touch-up nicks, dings and scratches




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