Carpenter Pencils (5-Pack)


Whoever invented round pencils must not have been a carpenter. Get a pack of 5 Gerstner-green Carpenter Pencils, which won’t roll away in the middle of a project.

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Tired of finding your pencil on the floor? You need carpenter pencils.

This is a pack of five standard, 7-inch long carpenter pencils. They’re flat instead of rounded, so they won’t go rolling away in the middle of a project. Regardless of which end of the pencil you decide to sharpen, the Gerstner Logo will be present right down until the nub. The easiest way to sharpen a carpenter pencil is with a pocket knife or utility knife, which gives your handy pencil longer life than mechanical sharpeners.

The bright Gerstner green paint makes it easy to spot, even on a busy work bench strewn with project parts and papers. The pencil lead is medium hardness (black), which makes it easy to use on a variety of surfaces, but not so hard you can’t erase a mistake.

The handy 5-Pack is a great idea for stocking-stuffers, or as a thoughtful little gift for a busy carpenter on Mother’s and Father’s Day.

As you’ll find with most of our Gerstner products, these pencils are made in the USA.




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