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The latest information on new products, access to members-only events, exclusive discounts and preferential quick-turnaround on parts orders. That and more–is what owning a Gerstner and joining the Owners Club will get you. Welcome to the club.

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The Gerstner Owners Club is an ever expanding, nationwide network of Gerstner fans across the USA, and if you have a Gerstner, you can be part of it. We connect, discuss, save, learn and explore the world of fine craftsmanship. Sounds like a place you’d like to be? Welcome to the club.

There are many perks to joining. You’ll be the first to know about new and possible products. If you’re looking to restore, you’ll have preferential quick turn-around on keys and parts orders. Bit of a history buff? Read historical content in our quarterly newsletter, or come on down for a free tour of our original Dayton workshop, still the busy heart of our manufacturing today.

In the quarterly newsletter, you’ll also get the latest information on our products and events, plus some spotlight articles on other owners, our best products, and the Gerstner staff. At the Annual Owners Club Warehouse Sale in Dayton, you can meet fellow fans, show off your craftsmanship handiwork and nab some of the best deals of the year.

Please Note: we are unable to divulge Owners Club pricing to non-members.

How to Join

  1. Fill out the Gerstner Owners Club Application for Membership Click Here to fill out an Application for Membership
  2. Provide Proof of ownership of a Gerstner Chest can be established through any one of the three following methods:
    • Purchasing a Gerstner Tool Chest concurrent with application for membership.
    • Providing a photocopy of a bill of sale which clearly states the Purchaser’s Name, Chest Style or Model Number, Purchase Price and Date of Transaction.
    • Providing a photo showing your Gerstner Chest.

    Any Gerstner chest, regardless of age, can qualify you for Membership into the Owners Club. We realize you may not have sales records of older chests, especially if you have inherited the chest from a family member – the photo option above provides proof of ownership, and we can then verify the chest is actually in fact a Gerstner.

  3. There is a $30 Initiation Fee which covers new member registration and first year dues. This fee is only used for the running of the Gerstner Owners Club. Membership in the Gerstner Owners Club is not transferable and the misuse of member privileges will result in revocation of club membership. Membership renewals are $20 per year.




  1. Ken Lewellyn

    The Gerstner Owners Club has been a great investment. The discounts alone have paid for the cost, but more importantly, the added information and historical insights are very insightful. I’m renewing my membership today.

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