Second Class – Gerstner International GI-708 Automatic Watch Winder Case


SAVE 50%  For the collector with more than one watch they want ready to wear, the GI-708 Automatic Watch Winder Case keeps your 8 favorite on display and ticking away. This product is discontinued, but we have a limited quantity of Second Class cases.

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This GI-708 Watch Winder case used to be part of our Gerstner International product line, but it had been discontinued as we explored other chest designs. While organizing our stockroom, we’ve decided to clear out some of our past products, including this batch of Watch Winder Second Class Cases. The Watch Winder is a discontinued product, so once it’s gone, it’s gone.

There is a particular art and beauty to automatic watches, which wind through the rhythms of your everyday life. But for collectors and horologists who have more than one favorite they want to keep ticking, the GI-708 Watch Winder Case is a useful tool.

The Watch Winder has space for 8 watches, and it rotates them back and forth to mimic body movement and keep the mechanisms moving. The soft cushioned holders will fit virtually any watch and keep them secure as they rotate. This is a handsome, polished, high-gloss black case with a tan velour interior that’ll accentuate the beauty of your watches and look right at home in an office or bedroom. The lid has clear Plexiglas so you can keep your best watches on display while they wind. It also includes a small, felt-lined tray for watch bands and tools, or other small accessories you want close by.

This case is powered with a supplied AC/DC adapter and has two switches which control either the top or bottom two winders. Dual switches allow you to choose between a winding cycle for 4 watches or for all 8. The mortised keyhole lock comes with 2 keys. The winding cycle is pre-programmed and runs as follows: Backspin cycle for 2 minutes, then change direction to veer for 2 minutes. This directional changing process alternates 5 times then stops for 30 minutes. After the 30 minute “stop” period, the cycle starts over. 

Second Class Products

A “Factory Retouched” chest, often referred to as a “Second Class or 2nd Class” may have a slight blemish in the finish, a repaired glue joint or contain a piece of hardwood or veneer that has a minor defect – none of which are enough to affect the operation or durability of the chest itself.

All “2nd Class” chests are shipped with a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee from H. Gerstner & Sons factory in Dayton, Ohio.

Additional information

Weight 25.00000000 lbs
Dimensions 23.0 × 13.0 × 19.0 in
Country of Origin

Gerstner International products are Imported products made for Gerstner & Sons.

Overall Size

15-5/8"Wide x 10-3/4"Tall x 12-1/8"Deep

Drawer Dimensions

(1) – 13-1/2" x 7/8" x 12-1/8"





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