Part 1001a – Polished Nickel Catch – Stamped with Gerstner & Dayton-O


Going for the classic look? We’ve retooled our modern catch to match the Gerstner and Dayton-O stamps used on vintage designs. We’ve kept the hole spacing the same, so this works on older and new models.

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We have re-tooled the Gerstner Polished Nickel Catch to include the traditional stamping of “Gerstner” and “Dayton-O” on the front of the catch.

The Gerstner Catch is for the front of Gerstner Chests (some models had catches on the sides of the chest also). Hole alignment matches some older style catches that were stamped “Gerstner” or “Excelsior”.  The catch comes with 5 Phillips head screws for installation.

This catch is the same size as part #1001.

The top holes are 1″ from center to center. The catch is 1-5/16″ wide x 2-9/16″ tall.
(See alternate picture for additional dimensions.)

Please Note: Since this part has the Gerstner Name on it, you must provide proof of ownership of a Gerstner Chest before we will ship the part.

You can send a digital photo of your chest as proof of ownership to



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Weight 1.00000000 lbs
Dimensions 6.0 × 4.0 × 2.0 in


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