Part 1078 – National Cabinet Company Drawer Label (Original)


If you want to go authentic in your vintage restoration, you’re going to love this original National Cabinet Co. Drawer Label, it’s from the limited remaining quantity of our original stock!

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Part 1078 - National Cabinet Company Drawer Label (Original) – I acknowledge that Proof of Ownership is Required to Purchase this Part

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This is an Original National Cabinet Company Drawer Label that we still have in stock from the last time they were produced, which was roughly in the 1940s or 1950s.

The label is a water slide decal. To use, you need to soak the label in water until it releases from the paper backing. Once the label has released, you slide it from the paper to the drawer front. The label is very delicate and can tear if you don’t soak it long enough. If you are worried about tearing the label, you could also cut the paper to the exact size of the label and glue the label down, still on the paper.

(If you have any problems with the National Cabinet Co. label you purchased, e-mail Scott at

Please note: since this part has the “National” name on it, you must provide proof of ownership of a National chest before we will ship the label to you.

You can send a digital photo of your chest as proof of ownership to

“National Cabinet Company” was registered and granted Trade-Mark status by the United States Patent Office on August 30, 1921 for use by H. Gerstner & Sons.

Gerstner & Sons used the name “National Cabinet Company” for a line of economy chests, cases and cabinets that were produced at the Gerstner factory in Dayton, Ohio.

The National Cabinet Company products eventually became to be known as “National Chests” or just “National”, which were built using more economical materials than the traditional “Gerstner” chests. (For example: Gerstner used Quarter-Sawn White Oak in the construction of our traditional chests, the “National” brand used a more value priced Plain-Sawn Oak).



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I acknowledge that Proof of Ownership is Required to Purchase this Part



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