May 10, 2024

Your best tools shouldn’t weigh you down.
The tool chests we make for workshops around the USA come from our own historic factory, a workshop usually teeming with activity. A workshop we have to keep well-organized so we can stay at the top of our game. We’ve been hearing some interesting takes from around the industry on what any tool is really worth in a shop. It’s not just the sticker price that factors into a tool’s cost. When you’ve got a project you need to get going on, knowing where everything is saves time and money. A tool can only be useful if you can find it.

For your best tools and expanding collections, you’ve got to go pro.

Organizing your favorite tools to bring with you is a real time-saver.

As your collection grows, so does your pro-series.
Collections are like goldfish. They’ll expand to fit the space you give
them. That’s no problem for the pro-series, it is our heavyweight
champ for the expansive, hefty collection. That’s why we love hearing about our roller/base unit combos being used as a kind of mobile diagnostic service. Professionals are storing their bulky, heavier tools in the roller unit, stacking a base on top for tool storage, and using the flat top as a laptop workspace. It’s like having a fully stocked workbench follow you around the shop.

Our own Mark Bayes keeps the many tools he needs to complete all the unique restorations on your vintage chests in his stacked chest and roller unit. He says “Working on all types of restoration projects, all over the factory, it’s important to bring all my tools with me. I won’t know everything I’ll need until I start working, and I’d hate to have to run back across the factory every time I need something.”

The most cost-effective tool is one you only buy once.
What a tool is worth in the shop also depends on how well it holds up.
If you have to take time out of your day and money out of your pocket
to replace that cheap tool often, it isn’t really that cheap. The best part
about the pro-series series is how it protects your collection.

Like all Gerstner chests, it has the felt interior to protect your tools from damaging moisture, and tongue-and-groove construction to protect itself from the test of time. It is also the first to include our exclusive Stop-Trac™ system, which keeps the drawers from spilling their precious contents. Sure, it’s got the storage capacity and the prestige, but it also has top-security for your best collection, which is why we call it a pro.