Part 1042 – Gerstner Leatherette (54″ x 2-1/2 yards)


Some older style chests were covered with leatherette, to protect from dirt and grime. While it serves the function, eventually it’ll get worn out. Luckily, it’s easy to replace with this genuine Gerstner Leatherette. Good as new!

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This leatherette was used to cover older Gerstner chests to keep the dirt and grime off of the exterior of the chest in factory settings. If your chest has worn or torn leatherette, you can use this authentic Gerstner Leatherette to re-cover your chest and make it look new again. It is 54″ wide and 2-1/2 yards long, which is enough leatherette to cover our largest chests. We recommend using Gerstner Whew Glue! to install our leatherette.

Watch our videos on how to measure and cut Gerstner Leatherette to Re-Cover a Gerstner chest.

Other videos on re-covering a Gerstner chest are on our videos webpage at

Additional information

Weight 5.00000000 lbs
Dimensions 60.0 × 5.0 × 5.0 in




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