Has your chest seen better days? Have you inherited an older Gerstner that needs work? Did you find a vintage Gerstner chest at a sale that you want to have cleaned up and restored?

Gerstner & Sons has full repair and restoration services available to expertly fix, replace, restore or refinish your Gerstner chest. Your treasured piece will be restored using the exact process and often the same tools that were originally used to build it.

Due to the complex nature of restorations, other custom projects and our standard production schedule, a restoration can typically take 30 to 60 days to complete. During peak production times this can stretch out to 90 to 120 days.

Just know that we want to give your precious chest the attention that it deserves. All repairs are performed strictly after a two-step quote basis – a preliminary phone consultation and a detailed inspection after the item arrives. There is a quote fee of $50.00 to estimate the cost.

When you are ready to discuss our restoration and repair services, call us 937-228-1662. You may be asked to forward images of your Gerstner chest to aid in the conversation. If you choose to proceed, you’ll receive instructions on how to send in your Gerstner chest for a detailed inspection and restoration quote.

Types of Restoration Services:

  • Remove and Replace Felt (different felt colors available)
  • Damage repairs and/or replacing missing parts (like drawers & front doors)
  • Clean product (no sanding or refinishing)
  • Full re-finish of product
  • Remove and replace hardware (requires replacing felt)
    • Clean/polish existing hardware
    • -OR- re-plate existing hardware
    • -OR- purchase/install new hardware

NOTE: new hardware is typically less expense due to the labor involved in cleaning/polishing or re-plating old hardware. However, using current hardware on older chests can sometimes result in the old holes for the hardware having to be plugged and new holes drilled in the chest to accept the new hardware.

Additional notes: We love restoring old chests and our team of highly skilled craftsmen are always up to any challenge. While each restoration is unique, we find that the average factory restoration starts around $2,250.

Leatherette covered boxes add some unique issues to the restoration process and require additional steps. We find that the average Factory Restoration with Leatherette Covered boxes starts around $2,750.

We do not have knowledge about the construction methods or hardware suppliers used by other companies’ wood boxes. We only offer factory restoration services for Gerstner®, National Cabinet Company™ and National by Gerstner™ built chests and cases.

For DIY craftsmen: a full factory restoration requires time, skilled labor and specialized machinery, which can make it a costly project. You might prefer to showcase your own craftsmanship and handle some or all the restoration yourself. Visit our Replacement Hardware and Accessories pages to find all the genuine Gerstner materials you’ll need.

We’ve also created a video library: https://www.youtube.com/user/gerstner2010 full of helpful How-To’s to walk you through some of the tougher steps.