Factory Restoration & Repair

Has your chest seen better days and you want to shine it up to hand down to your child or grandchild?  Have you inherited an older Gerstner Chest that needs work?  Did you find an older Gerstner Chest at a sale that you want to have cleaned up and restored?

Gerstner & Sons has full repair and restoration services available to fix, replace, restore or refinish your Gerstner Chest.

O42 Chest #1 - Before Restoration

O42 Chest #1 - After Restoration

Style 41 #2 - Before Restoration

Style 41 #2 - After Restoration

Mahogany 52 - After Restoration

Oak 42 - After Restoration

Oak 52 - After Restoration

Style 41 - After Restoration

Refinishing and restoration services can come close to the price of a new chest. A full restoration, including stripping the finish, refitting all of the drawers to the chest, replacing the felt and installing new hardware for a chest can cost $1000.00 to $1500.00 depending upon the size of the chest and if parts need to be repaired.

There are some options for keeping your chest in near original condition, such as re-plating the existing hardware which will add to the restoration cost. This is frequently done due to our inability to get any of the older styles of hardware used in previous years. The usage of current hardware on these older chests can sometimes result in the old holes for the hardware having to be plugged and new holes drilled in the chest to accept the new hardware.

We can also quote partial restoration like:

  • Refelting - different colors available
  • Install new hardware
  • Complete or partial refinishing of chest
  • Replate original hardware
  • Replacing leatherette on covered chests
  • Upgrade to brass hardware
  • Change to a different interior - i.e. jewelry chest instead of felt
  • Add dividers to create storage compartments

All repairs are performed strictly on a quote basis after the item is sent in and inspected. Repairs typically take 60 - 90 days to be completed - it depends on the number of items in process and the nature of the work to be done. There is a quote fee of $50.00 to estimate the cost, plus return shipping due at the time we receive the chest.

When you are ready to discuss our Restoration and Repair Services call us 937-228-1662 for Instructions about how to send in your Gerstner Tool Chests for a quote.

Please Note: Since we do not know the construction methods used on other brands of wooden chests, we only offer restoration services for Gerstner Chests.