Custom Replacement Drawer

Missing a drawer? No problem. We can make a new, custom drawer in the specific wood choice and size you need. Just fill out this form and we’ll get started.
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We can help you replace a missing drawer in any of our Gerstner chests with a new custom-made drawer. Just measure it up and fill out the form—easy! These drawers are specially built with the wood choice and size you specify to fit your chest. Drawers may take 1-3 weeks to complete based upon current production at the time of your order.

Measuring Your Drawer:

  • See the picture for indications on which measurements are the “Width”, “Height” and “Depth” of a drawer. Please specify all dimensions in fractional inches (ie. 3/4”, 2-1/16”, 31/32”…). The current construction of drawers uses a 1/8” plywood drawer bottom.
  • Please indicate accurate measurements as we will make the drawer to the dimensions you supply. You may have some final fitting of the drawer to your chest depending upon how accurate your measurements are. Finished Size parts may be plus or minus up to 1/32″ from the supplied dimensions.
  • Don’t have a drawer to measure? Simply measure the empty space that the replacement drawer will occupy and note that you’ve done so in the comment section.

Please consider how you want your drawer finished.
All wood finishes change color as they age. Even if it’s too slight to notice now, you’d see a difference when a newly finished piece of wood is held against your existing chest. You have options on how you want it to match, however:

  • Your first option is to get the drawer unfinished, so you can apply the stain to exactly the color you want. It’ll come with your choice of either Nickel or Brass drawer knobs in our current style and your choice of felt color. The felt will be cut to fit but won’t be glued, so you can apply the finish without damaging the felt. Same thing with the hardware—small drawers (typically up to 10” wide) will come with 1 drawer knob, and large drawers (over 10” wide) with two. We’ll include the knobs separately for you to put on once your finish is dried.
  • Your second option is to have us finish the drawer. We’ll stain it to our standard, the original color ordered, and install the felt and hardware. This option is unlikely to match your chest perfectly—just be sure you take that into consideration before you order.
  • Your third option is for us to finish and color match the drawer. To do this, we will require you to send a part of your Gerstner (i.e. another drawer) to us.

Please note, if this is for a handbook drawer the grain will be vertical rather than horizontal.

Also, replacement drawer joints and wood thickness may not match older drawers exactly.

Fill out the form and we will contact you for more information. If you have any questions about ordering a replacement drawer, please call us at 937-228-1662 and we will be happy to assist you.

Please note – custom items are not returnable.


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