Deluxe Logo Cover for Chest and Base


You’ve invested in a Gerstner chest and base because you know they’ll last for years and years to come. Here’s an easy step to protect your investment from scratches, sun, moisture, dust, and oil.

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2007/B2104 Classic Chest and Base Cover

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2610/B2705 Chest and Base Cover

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2613/B2705 Ultimate Chest and Base Cover

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52/B62 Journeyman Chest and Base Cover

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62/B62 or 82/B82 Master Chest and Base Cover

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So you’ve spent time building up your collection, and you have a magnificent Gerstner Chest and Base stack to fit everything neatly in. These two pieces were made with the finest quality craftsmanship in the USA. They’re built to last, and you can depend on them for a lifetime. However, as with anything you keep in a busy workshop, the finish can be marred by things like scratches and moisture. We can help you fix any damage through the years, but you could save yourself the trouble and protect your investment with a Deluxe Logo Cover for a Chest and Base Set.

This cover is made with heavy-duty vinyl and a cotton inner liner. That combination protects from moisture, scratches, oil and dust. As wood ages, it’ll eventually change color, but you can slow that process and save yourself some re-staining by protecting your chest and base from sun and artificial light.

It’s a handsome case, leather-colored and silkscreened with the official Gerstner logo in gold. So even when your chest and base is covered, it’s still a nice display.

Two heavy-duty zippers create a front flap, so you can access all your drawers without having to completely remove the cover each time. This cover is for current chest and base sets in our production line. For vintage models, please find your model number or the outside dimensions of the chest and give us a call. We’ll see if we have an older model cover that’ll fit that style.




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