Gerstner Deluxe Chest Cover


The finest Gerstner chests deserve the finest chest covers. You’ll thank yourself for giving yours the protection it deserves, safe from oil, sun, moisture, dust and scratches.

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Gerstner Deluxe Chest Cover – 1700 Attache Case

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Gerstner Deluxe Chest Cover – 1901 & 1901G Chest Cover

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Gerstner Deluxe Chest Cover – 1805 Chest Cover

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Gerstner Deluxe Chest Cover – 42 Apprentice Chest Cover

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Gerstner Deluxe Chest Cover – 2007 Classic Chest Cover

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Gerstner Deluxe Chest Cover – 52 Journeyman Chest Cover (Made before 1999)

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Gerstner Deluxe Chest Cover – 2610 or 82 Master Chest Cover

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Gerstner Deluxe Chest Cover – 2613 Chest Cover

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Gerstner Deluxe Chest Cover – 41B Chest Cover

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A Gerstner chest is made with finest quality craftsmanship in the USA. It’s built to last, and will do for many, many years. However, if you keep it somewhere like a busy workshop, there’s potential for scratches and moisture to mar its handsome finish. Save yourself some time and heartache with a Gerstner Deluxe Chest Cover.

The Gerstner Deluxe Chest Cover is made from a heavy-duty vinyl fabric with a cotton inner liner, which dependably protects against moisture, scratches, oil and saves you having to dust. While wood does change color with many years of use, as part of its natural aging process, sunlight and artificial light can discolor it quickly. This cover protects against sun and light damage. It looks nice, too, leather-colored with the Gerstner logo silk screened on the front in gold lettering. After all, if you’re going to cover up a beautifully crafted chest, you won’t want to turn it into an eyesore. Two durable zippers allow convenient access to the chest without removing the cover.

Chest covers are available for select products that are currently in our production line. Older covers may be available; please call with the model number of your chest, or the outside dimensions of your chest.

Please Note: The size of the Style 52 Journeyman Chest changed in 1999. If you are unsure of the age of your chest you can check based on size. The chests made prior to 1999 were around 15-3/4″ tall and after 1999 the chest was around 16-1/2″ tall.




  1. Scott

    This cover for my 2007 Classic Chest is impressive. It is a perfect fit for the chest and adds protection and elegance. The side zippers work flawlessly and don’t rub up against the wood of the chest. Unzipping them makes access to the chest easy. Another highly recommended quality product from Gerstner!

  2. Kent

    I bought the 92XL cover for my nephew. It fit well and he really liked it. The online purchase was easy and the shipping tracking was excellent.

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