Drawer Divider System


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Drawer Divider System – 30" Long Divider Set

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Keep the contents of your drawers from sliding around with this clever drawer divider system.  The drawer divider system was designed to work with old or new chests and makes dividing up drawers of all different sizes a snap.  The kit comes with grooved strips and smooth strips.  Simply cut the grooved strip to the desired length for your drawer, and then cut the smooth strips to divide up your drawer as you see fit.  The grooved strips are made with grooves 1 inch apart for maximum control of the size areas you need. The dividers are available in 30-inch strips.

The Drawer Divider System has enough parts to divide 4 full-width drawer, or 8 half-width drawers.

Included with the Drawer Divider System are the following:

  • 4 – Grooved 1/2″ Strips
  • 4 – Smooth 1/2″ Strips
  • 3 – Grooved 1″ Strips
  • 3 – Smooth 1″ Strips
  • 2 – Grooved 1-1/2″ Strips
  • 2 – Smooth 1-1/2″ Strips
  • 1 – Piece of Sandpaper
  • Installation Instructions


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