Finish Restorer and Preserver


A specific formula designed around the stains made for Gerstner chests and used in our restoration processes, so you know it’s good. This protector preserves the finish on new chests and restores old ones.

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The same company that makes the finish we put on every Gerstner chest also makes a cleaner that won’t damage that hand-rubbed finish. It is the same Finish Restorer and Preserver we use in our restoration process, so you know it’s dependable.

You can start out your new chest with the Finish Preserver, to prevent damage and make sure your chest always looks its best. The fine oil formula will clean, polish and protect, plus cover any minor scratch or abrasion your chest might get. We recommend applying it once a month with a clean cotton rag to maintain your Gerstner’s pristine shine.

This is also a Finish Restorer for older chests—like we said, we use it in our restoration process. Douse steel wool in this formula and scrub with the grain, and it’ll pull up all of the years of dirt to get right down to that original finish. It even works on leatherette we used in older models. Use this Finish Restorer and Preserver to make your old trusty chest look good as new.

8 oz bottle.

Watch our video to see how we restore the finish on an older Gerstner Chest.




  1. Ken S

    WOW!!! Great stuff. One application, my chest looks new again! It’s well worth the money to buy and use. I definitely recommend it.

  2. Keith T. Kalkanoff

    Really excellent for cleaning and preserving the wood on your favorite tool chest.
    But the bottle is terrible. Should be sealed much better, it leaks and the threads strip. A plastic seal inserted in bottle neck
    that squirts out when bottle is squeezed would work. Please redesign or use different type of bottle.
    Thank you

    • Paul Burgess

      Introducing a new bottle that seals better. We also seal the bottle in a plastic bag for traveling to help avoid leakage.
      H. Gerstner & Sons

  3. cbrown154 (verified owner)

    I had a question about proper use of his product and received a great deal of personal attention right up to the VP of production. When used as directed it’s a great product. Its intention is to cover small scratches, but not to restore the lacquer finish. It has to be wiped off very thoroughly with a clean cloth or it will leave a film. Once I understood its proper use I’m very pleased with it.

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