Part 1009 – Red Replacement Felt (36 in x 3 yds)


This isn’t your craft-store felt, it’s the strong, sturdy construction that provides durabilty and moisture-protection for precious tools. Update a faded chest with this genuine replacement felt in eye-catching red.

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The Official Felt used at Gerstner is an 1/16 thick, 100% acrylic felt, which makes it stiffer than craft store felt and easier to cut with precision and accuracy. The color makes a statement, like a red sports car would. It also has a matching warmth to the honey tones in the wood we use. The thickness of the felt provides durability and helps with the moisture protection for anything stored inside your chest.

The 36 inches by 3 yards of red felt is more than enough material to replace the felt in our largest chests. We recommend using Gerstner Whew Glue! to adhere the felt inside your Gerstner Chest.

Watch out our video on how easy it is to remove felt from an older Gerstner Chest.

Tip from the Gerstner Forum:

@Bill recommends the following:

“This weekend, I had a chance to see a couple of restored chests, all were Gerstner’s. I then noticed something they had in common concerning the felt that had been replaced. I could see where the folds and wrinkles still in the new felt. I suggested to the people that they iron the felt once it is cut to size before installing, and that would produce a more finished product. I told them that I keep and old iron, and an old white towel on my bench for just that purpose, and start out on low to med. heat because of the different make up of the materials used so as not to scorch the felt.”

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Weight 5.00000000 lbs
Dimensions 40.0 × 5.0 × 5.0 in




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