Part 1034 – Replacement Key


Lost your keys? That’s no problem, we can help. We have genuine Gerstner replacement keys copied for you by our locksmith.

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Replacement keys for Gerstner Locks. The lock number can be found on the front of the lock, or on the right-hand edge of the lock. Typical Gerstner Lock numbers start with KY or A50M with either a 1- or 2-digit number.

Key #’s Available for Purchase Online

Key List Updated: May 2022

Key #’s Available for “KY” Series Chest Locks: Key #’s Available for “A50M” Series Chest Locks: Key #’s Available for “E” Series Base Locks
KY11, KY13,
KY16, KY18, KY19
KY30 thru KY38
KY50 thru KY58
KY60 thru KY68
KY70 thru KY73
KY75 thru KY78
KY80 thru KY88
KY90 thru KY98
A50M1 thru A50M48
(see note below about A50M keys)
E100 thru E110
E112 thru E126
E128 thru E141
E143 thru E149

We have several other series of locks that we have used throughout our history.

If you do not see your lock number listed above, you can send a digital photo of your chest and lock to to see if we still have keys available.

A50M Series Chest Keys:

A50M keys are copies of original keys that we still have at our factory. Each key that we have copied by our locksmith is tested in a sample lock at Gerstner & Sons to ensure it works the lock correctly before we ship it to you.

If the key you received does not operate your lock, we have been told by customers that you can try to shorten the length of the key, or the height of the key to try and make it fit in your lock (see picture below).

Part 1034 - Replacement Key

If this does not work, the only suggestions we have are to take the key and lock to your local locksmith to see if they can get it to work, or to replace the lock on your chest.

If you need to replace the lock on your chest, you can exchange the key toward the purchase of a lock, without a restocking fee on the key. Keys returned for a refund only have a 10% restocking fee.

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  1. mike Marini

    I ordered a replacement key for my tool chest and it works great thanks gerstner

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