Part 1038 – 3/4″ Nickel Split Rivets (Pack of 5)


The split rivet is an important part for locks, handles and hinges, which you can easily replace at home during a refurbishment.

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Part 1038 - 3/4" Nickel Split Rivets (Pack of 5) – Package of 5 Rivets

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The Gerstner 3/4″ Nickel Split Rivets are used to secure older style Gerstner locks (Part # 1085), hinges (Part # 1023) and top handles (Part # 1017 & 1019). The split rivets should not be re-used once removed from the hardware.

Watch our video on how to remove a split rivet on a Gerstner chest.



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Weight 0.25000000 lbs
Dimensions 6.0 × 4.0 × 1.0 in
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Package of 10 Rivets, Package of 15 Rivets, Package of 5 Rivets, Package of 20 Rivets



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