STOP-TRAC Drawer System


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The Gerstner STOP-TRAC™ Drawer System was designed to keep the drawers of your chest from being pulled out too far and spilling the contents onto your workbench, counter or floor.

Spring-loaded bullet catches mounted on the sides of the drawer will stop the drawer from coming out of your chest when they get to the phillips screw installed onto the drawer slide. The phillips screw can be adjusted for different drawer gaps, and for how much pressure is needed to remove the drawer from the chest.

The Gerstner STOP-TRAC Drawer System can be installed on your new Gerstner Chest at our factory. You can also purchase the STOP-TRAC Drawer System for older Gerstner Chests and mount the hardware yourself with our easy to follow instructions.

The Gerstner STOP-TRAC Drawer System includes:

  • 20 bullet catches (enough for 10 drawers)
  • 20 phillips head screws
  • 1 drill bit for mounting the bullet catches
  • 1 drill bit for mounting the screws
  • Felt to put on your work bench to protect your chest while you mount the system
  • A steel bar to properly insert the bullet catches into the drawer sides



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