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Attention to Detail

We hand select every piece of wood used.


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Craftsmanship Lives

Created with passion, care, and attention to detail…from start to finish.


The most recognizable Gerstner design since the 1930s.

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We’re right there with you

Holding all the tools you need to get your unique job done.

Craftsmanship Lives

Each and every wood chest we build is a keystone in our reputation.

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Gerstner Highlights

  • Sale - Special Offers

    Sale - Special Offers

    Save 30% on our 2nd class chests, often referred to as a “Factory Retouched” and
  • Made in USA Products

    Made in USA Products

  • Cases


  • Chests & Bases

    Chests & Bases

  • Bases


  • Chests


  • DIY Kits

    DIY Kits

  • Second Class

    Second Class

    Second Class chests, often referred to as a “Factory Retouched” and they may have a slight
  • Jewelry Chests & Other

    Jewelry Chests & Other

  • Roller Cabinets

    Roller Cabinets

  • Sportsman & Collector

    Sportsman & Collector

  • Restoration Supplies

    Restoration Supplies

    Do you have an older Gerstner that needs a new lock, key, handle, label, corner,
  • Engineered Products & Services

    Engineered Products & Services

    Gerstner & Sons is known for building “The Finest Tool Chests built in America”.  Gerstner
  • Gerstner DIY Kit Chests & Bases

    Gerstner DIY Kit Chests & Bases

    Gerstner Do-It-Yourself kit projects
  • Accessories


    Great additions, specialty products, restoration aids and Gerstner apparel.
  • Gerstner Owners Club

    Gerstner Owners Club

    Benefits of Membership Association with a nationwide network of owners of Gerstner® Chests Early notification of new
  • Apparel


  • New Releases

    New Releases

  • Gerstner International

    Gerstner International

    Gerstner International products are imported products made for Gerstner & Sons. Second Class Gerstner International
  • Special Edition

    Special Edition

Gerstner Information

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some answers to common questions that we receive. For other questions, call us
  • Company History

    Company History

    The History of H. Gerstner & Sons, Inc. The History of an American Legend 1884 was a
  • Custom Product Examples

    Custom Product Examples

    Whether your custom needs are for one piece, one hundred pieces, or one thousand pieces,
  • Tradition of Excellence

    Tradition of Excellence

    When you purchase a Gerstner, you make an investment. You invest in the prized collection,

Our customers are saying…

Simply WOW… I saw this site and fell off my chair. Your wood chests/boxes are some of the best I’ve run across.

~ Martha Flick

Owners Club Membership

Benefits of Membership

  • Association with a nationwide network of owners of Gerstner® Chests
  • Early notification of new Gerstner designs and proposed products
  • By invitation only design contests with prizes and awards
  • Preferential quick turn-around on keys and parts orders
  • Members Only discounts on all Gerstner products, parts, accessories and repairs – please note we are unable to divulge Owners Club pricing to non-members.
  • Owners Club Day a private event at the Gerstner Factory for current Owners Club Members, featuring factory tours, seminars, lunch on the grill and other events.

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