May 20, 2024

This much enjoyed side-by-side comparison of Gerstner USA, International and a major retailer’s ‘inspired’ version, carried out by a familiar face.

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but there’s a better reason we don’t take offense when other companies put out a Gerstner-style wooden tool chest: we know it won’t take you long to tell the difference. Jeff Dunham’s side-by-side comparison video  made clear in a Facebook side-by-side comparison video.

And if you’re wondering, “wait, like…Jeff Dunham the comedian? The ventriloquist? The one with Walter and Peanut?”

Yep, that Jeff Dunham.

Jeff actually designed and built all the puppets he uses in his act. He’s an avid collector of very cool things. This guy is a tech geek, a toy collector, and a car enthusiast—with some pretty incredible specimens of each. Dunham has the restoration bug, too. The New York Times covered his restoration of an antique dummy, the Umpire, originally built to work the plate for a girls’ softball league.

A while back, in a Facebook video we still find our Owners Club Members referring to, Dunham gave his honest review of Gerstner.

Dunham bought himself the 2007 Classic Chest in American Cherry, customized with Nickel hardware and Gerstner Green felt—an elegant choice:

Second best is still better than the rest.

Then, he purchased a stack from the Gerstner International Brand – a GI-T24, M24, and R24.

We think the Gerstner International line is a great way to collect the roller unit, base unit, and chest combination. You’ve still got genuine Gerstner designs – these are devised by experts to deliver the highest quality tool chests possible in factory assembly.

You aren’t getting the exceptional time, craftsmanship and highest-grade materials of our Gerstner USA line, but mass production from expert design is still better than the rest – in our humble opinion, of course.

Speaking of…

The match-up

Finally, Dunham picked up a knock-off tool chest from a popular retail chain. He put the three tool chests in a line, so you could see the differences and the inspiration clearly.

One of our favorite parts was when he described how his wife knew which chest was which at a glance (for the knockoff) and fine craftsmanship at a touch.

We won’t give away too much, but if you want to see how Gerstner measures up – along with the significance of the diamond-shaped mirror – you can watch it here.