Adjustable forks


Turn your Gerstner work chest into a sporting chest. These adjustable forks were designed by outdoor sports enthusiasts looking for better cleaning, and maintenance supplies. They were designed to pare with our Style #2001 Chests but will fit on most Gerstner chests with a top well.

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Turn your Gerstner chest into a sporting and maintenance chest.

Introducing a set of redesigned multi-use support forks that clamp onto the center divider or chest side rails to hold items secure while working on. Designed for the 2001SP Sporting case, these multi-use forks will fit on most Gerstner chests with a top well.

The all-new redesigned multi-use utility forks provide holding solutions for cleaning and servicing activities. Originally designed for firearm cleaning and service the Gerstner multi-use forks can be used for many other activities requiring that handy third hand to hold and position items being serviced. The multi-use forks however should never be used as a bench rest tool for shooting live rounds. Recoil from any firearm could permanently damage the chest and cause personal injury or death. Always practice safe firearm handling and never service loaded firearms or magazines. Keep live rounds or loaded magazines separate and away from not shooting activities.




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Adjustable forks


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