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Gerstner Bourbon Glass


The official glass of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, designed for the perfect sip. It has both logos etched, and a set of four fits handily in the Aficionado’s bottom drawer with a specially-made felt topped foam insert.

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Gerstner Bourbon Glass – Single Glass

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Gerstner Bourbon Glass – Set of 2 Glasses

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Gerstner Bourbon Glass – Set of 4 Glasses

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There’s no chest like a Gerstner chest, no bourbon like a Kentucky bourbon and nothing better than Gerstner and the Kentucky Bourbon Trail working together to enhance your drink.

This is the official glass of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Organization, designed for each sip of Kentucky bourbon to be ideal. The wide mouth of the glass allows you to taste and smell together, capturing the full flavor of your favorite drink. The weight and balance are optimized for swirling, and the wide base fits your ice cubes or whisky stones. It has a fine, delicate rim for the perfect sip and excellent clarity for showcasing. For authenticity, the Bourbon Trail logo is etched into the bottom and the Gerstner – Since 1906 logo deep etched in the side.

We’re offering this either as a single glass for your cabinet, or a set of two or four that’ll fit the Gerstner Aficionado. If you’re planning to bring your luxury Bourbon Trail glasses with you on the next poker night, you’ll want the foam insert too, which fits perfectly in the Aficionado’s bottom drawer, and holds up to four glasses securely in place when you’re on the move.




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